I'm glad you caught it before it got too crazy! I don't know much to suggust, though I will ask my mother and boss at the farm about less agressive ground cover!

Fresh indigo dye, as supposed to fermented? My boss sent me an artical about fermenting it though I can't have a large enough tub yet, nor a PH measuring utensil.

So, cold bath of fresh indigo dye? That sounds simple enough. I'll look it up a bit, though i did see ppl getting gray wich is what I hope to avoid. Workshop is August 22! Just a free thing at a youth camp, thought it would be fun to add it, though I'm mostly just itching to use my plants! :))

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Careful about the low growing weed in there with your rose! We have them on the farm and they can be really aggressive and out complete everything around them!

What is the simplest way of making an indigo dye? I have a little dye workshop with some youth at a camp coming up and I have indigo growing in my garden this year. Would love to introduce it along with the dyes i'm more familiar with! Would love some simple tips :)



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