I'm new to educating myself about fast fashion. It's disappointing and eye-opening. Your perspective adds a Canadian angle, which is hard to find out there. So, kudos for that! Also, thank you for the education on the "softer" fibres intended to replace cotton. I hadn't given those, or the cut of clothing much thought as it relates to prosperity or profit for clothing companies, but it all has a warped logic to it, I suppose. Still, I like my jeans cotton, and now that I know what to watch out for, I'll be reading labels a lot more closely! Thanks!

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Aug 8, 2023·edited Aug 8, 2023Author

You're welcome! Thank you for reading.

It's always an adventure to try to find clothing that suits your moral and financial needs. I find that this logic is not necessarily "warped" more so that companies are motivated by "perverse incentives." People (and businesses) do what they can to save money where they can. It's up to consumers to show how these trends should change by making their money talk.

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