My late Ma had a Singer 500, and more besides - along with a room literally filled with wool, she also had the makings of six entire machines (I remember two of them were made by Brother, and the Singer - not sure about the others). So in that photo under "Light The FIres", I recognise all those implements - they were always kicking around the house. Nice memory...

This whole post makes me think of how Imbolc "knits" people together. Have you thought of using knitting designs to do that? Creating designs (or asking other people to come up with designs?) that celebrate festivals, and creating items that are used as part of that festival, in some way, as a focal point to teach everyone the meaning of the festival? Celebrating both things together in a fun way - and also teaching your readers about both, when you eventually write it up? Turning clothes into events? (I'm just chucking ideas out wildly here - feel free to ignore all of them, or steal one to completely make your own.)

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