Hail, and welcome

Failte romhat! Oíche Rua is a publication exploring how textiles work. I am trained as a textile designer with a specialty in machine knitting. This publication will talk about stitches, cloth, weave, felt, colour, and culture.

Why here? Why now? Why not?

Oíche Rua (Wild Night) is my way to document the steps of creating a small business, and share my adventures with others. In it I document processes and research, techniques, and understanding how art and craft is made.

Speír Rua (Wild Sky) is where I will talk about the world around me. In it I tell stories about my viewpoint, the places I have been and where inspiration bubbles upwards. I am fascinated by the stormy sky, nebulae, and riotous natural phenomenon around us. In sharing my work and viewpoint, maybe you will be, too.

Forging a community

This publication will gather people who love design, fibre, nature, and colour. It will connect folks who love understanding how textiles are made, and discovering unique solutions to design problems.

credit to Ian Humber Photography

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Exploring culture, design, and the threads that connect us through the lens of textiles.



A fibre artist's blog exploring a love of dyes, experimentation, cats, and the hidden beauty of the natural world.